Nobody Does It Better

Take James Bond. Add a dashing Daniel Craig. Mix with Tom Ford’s Marko sunglasses. Shake and stir. Skyfall may have dominated the world in a way all of the Bond baddies wish they can, but it’s sales of his TF144 shades that have skyrocketed, especially since the movie was released on DVD. Think an 80-percent surge in sales and online retailers reporting more than 100 pairs flying out of their warehouses every week. If this unisex beaut is sold out everywhere you look, we’re sorry we can’t offer any more quantum of solace – it’s not the first time a blockbuster film has transformed sunglasses into the talk of the fashion scene.

Tom Ford's Marko TF144 on 007.

Tom Ford’s Marko TF144 on 007.

For your eyes only - almost.

For your eyes only – almost.