Get In Gear

It used to be that contact lenses were theĀ only and de rigeuer solution for anyone who needed vision correction and wanted to be active or do something vigorous outdoors. You wouldn’t be caught dead playing tennis wearing glasses, unless you were the amazing…

... Martina Navratilova...

… Martina Navratilova.

Glasses were for geeks, and geeks didn’t belong on the playing field. But in the last decade, prescription eyewear designed specifically for athletes and sporting lifestyles got better. That is, they got lighter, more impact resistant, comfortable, and focused on innovation so their wearers could focus on performance. Wearing glasses while running or doing burpees felt exactly as seamless as wearing sports shades, and you didn’t have to spend extra on contact lenses or go through the trouble of maintaining them or putting them on. And when Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon did to glasses what Tina Fey did to glasses…

There's nothing wrong with looking smart instead of sporty in baseball!

There’s nothing wrong with looking smart instead of sporty in baseball!

… the stigma of spectacles in sports and glasses in gyms became a thing of the past.

Of course, it helps if you’ve got the right pair on, so as you head back onto cardio machines, strap the TRX back on, get back onto the trails post-holiday season, take a look at our recommendations for active eyewear designed to keep you looking good while working out.